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We all learn in different ways and we hope this app will spark your interest, renew your excitement and/or give you a reason to discover more about the joy of God's Word. One of our main priorities is the privacy of users who use this Android App, Ourfathersson, hereafter referred to as - Ourfathersson application.

This Privacy Policy document contains information that can be helpful to you when making a decision to use the Ourfathersson application. It is your choice to pay for, download and use the Ourfathersson application. If you disagree with the privacy policy listed here in any way you must make your own individual choice to use or not use Ourfathersson application.

This privacy policy applies only to the Ourfathersson application activities and web pages associated with This Privacy Policy does not apply to advertisers or other websites. Thus, we are advising you to consult the respective Privacy Policies of these third-party ad servers for more detailed information. They might include their practices and instructions about how to opt-out of data collection options.

Web pages under use Google Analytics. Some information about these third party services is listed below in the section titled 'Google Analytics.'

By using this application, Ourfathersson application and Web pages associated with, you hereby consent to this Privacy Policy and agree to its terms and conditions.

Data Collection and Log Files
Our application, Ourfathersson application, does not knowingly collect any personal information. We at make no attempt to learn who you are or discover additional information to identify you.

If you choose to contact us by email, please see the section below titled 'Important Contact Disclosure' before you choose to contact us via e-mail.

The Ourfathersson application does not generate cookies.

How we respond to Do Not Track Signals.
The Ourfathersson application does not record or sense "Do Not Track" features also called a DNT signal. Web pages associated with do not use or respond to DNT signals.

GEO Location Tracking
Some applications make use of geographical location information (GEO location tracking) to discover where an application visitor might be located. At this time, we do not look for or sense GEO location information in the Ourfathersson application or web pages associated with

Google Play Store
This application, Ourfathersson application, is obtained for your use from the Google Play Store. Consult their Privacy policy to determine information they obtain -

Google Analytics
Webpages associated with use Google Analytics to help analyze how visitors use our web pages only. Google Analytics also uses cookies. The anonymous information generated by Google Analytics cookies about your use of webpages associated with is transmitted to Google, not to us. This information transmitted to Google is processed to compile statistical reports on website activity. We use these reports to evaluate aggregate visitor usage so that we can optimize content and design information web pages to better meet your needs.

Google privacy information can be found at the following link:

Individual Choice and Access
As stated on this policy page this application, Ourfathersson application, does not knowingly collect personal information.

If you choose to contact us by email Please see the section below titled 'Important Contact Disclosure' before you choose to contact us via e-mail.
    • We do not offer access to information we collect and we will not respond to access requests for collected information to anyone.
    • Information gathered by Google and/or other third parties is not distributed by us in any form.
    • If you disagree with this privacy policy in any way you must make your own individual choice to pay for, download and use this application, Ourfathersson application, or visit Web pages associated with

    Security Safeguards
    We have a selected as our web server hosting company. To learn more about their security and policies please visit
    To the best of our ability we follow the recommendations for security provided by Google and Godaddy in the administration of this website.

    Effective Date Effective date: 9/04/2021. Last revised date: 9/04/2021.
    Should there be material changes to this privacy policy, this policy page will be updated . At that time we will make a reasonable attempt to make it clear the policy page has been updated.

    Important Contact Disclosure
    E-Mail addresses are considered personally identifiable information. By sending an email to the contact email address listed below we will have a record of the sender's (your) email address and the contents of that email. Do not include additional personally identifiable information in your email message and do not send any offensive and/or illegal content to us via email.

    We reserve the right to respond or not respond to any or all emails we receive. We will not respond to abusive, vulgar, hateful emails, or any email we deem offensive. Threatening emails or emails with violent intent will be forwarded in complete form including headers to appropriate law enforcement authorities.

    Unless legally required to do so, we will not knowingly disclose or forward, in any form, email addresses of those who contact us and we will not knowingly distribute, share, forward, post, sell, give away email addresses or the contents of email messages that come to the contact email address listed below. We have no retention policy on the duration we retain received emails.

    We may choose to reply to the sender via their email address with the enclosed original email message attached. How you choose to forward our response is not our concern or responsibilty.

    If you choose to contact us via email you hereby consent to our Privacy Policy and agree to the terms and conditions of this 'Important Contact Disclosure' section.

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