Header image for OurFathersSon Android App. A captivating Bible reader!

A better approach for your mobile phone/tablet Bible reading!

Optimized for fast and easy navigation so that you can get to any Book, any Chapter in two clicks!
  • Swipe left or right to change the page. No more scrolling up and down to find your place on the page.
  • The header on top keeps track of the current Chapter and Verse as you move from page to page.
  • Optimized for visual needs - Make the text size large or small with your device settings or the app settings.
  • Dark or Light background modes.
  • References and footnotes are clickable as you read.
  • Bookmark your favorite Book, Chapter and Verse.
  • Sort the Books on the front page by Testament or the Books Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Acts.
  • Works completely offline - No internet connection needed and no browsing information collected.
Image for OurFathersSon Android App showing example of home page, Verse text page and Dark screen.

Image for OurFathersSon Android App home page showing Verse text synced to the time of day.
Every moment is a Bible Verse!

Every minute a random Chapter and Verse synchronized to the time of day is selected. For example if it is 7:47 AM, a random Book of the Bible, Chapter 7 and Verse 47 is selected for you!

So, in a meeting? or maybe waiting in line? – watch as a new Bible Verse appears each minute.

We hope that Verse will be what inspires you to look deeper into the text before and after the Verse and learn more about the Bible.

Time going by without wasting time!

  • No advertisements are displayed on Sacred Scripture pages.
  • Uncluttered view for a peaceful reading experience.

Image for OurFathersSon Android App Reference/Footnote page.